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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can I order an ATD Customs bull bar?

The best way to order an ATD Customs bull bar is by using the quote request form on our website. This is because there are many details we need to obtain from you to make sure your order is 100% correct. After you submit your form, ATD will email you a formal quote document. Once you've checked the details are accurate and have paid a 50% deposit via direct debit, we will add your order to our build queue!

How much do ATD bull bars cost?

You can find pricing for all our bars on our website. If you visit our Products page and click on the style of LandCruiser 70 Series you want to kit out with a bar, you will be able to view all of the products ATD makes that are compatible with it. If you click on your preferred bar, you can scroll through the product details and down to the pricing. If you would like a formal quote document for Toyota finance or insurance, please use our quote request form and we'll email you a quote.

What is Autonomous Emergency Braking, and why cant I have a middle post if my Cruiser has it?


Toyota introduced Autonomous Emergency Braking (also called Pre-Collision Safety System, or "PCS system") on all new 70 Series LandCruisers built after 1 September 2022, which includes some VDJ Classic cars and all LC70 2024 ("Facelift") cars. Along with a camera on the windscreen, there is a radar for the PCS system in the Toyota badge in the grille at the front of the vehicle. Because of this radar, any bull bar with a middle post is incompatible with these new spec Cruisers.


Our 2 Post Bull Bar and our Bumper Bar are confirmed compatible with the new spec cruisers, and we developed radar-friendly versions of our Apocalypse and Intimidator Bull Bars, named the Radar Apocalypse Bull Bar and the Radar Intimidator Bull Bar


The classic Intimidator, Apocalypse and 3 Post Bull Bars are not compatible with any LandCruiser 70 Series cars built after 1 September 2022, but we continue to build them for customers who have older cars without Autonomous Emergency Braking.

You can read more on our Autonomous Emergency Braking page.

Do you build bull bars for any other cars?

No — we only build bull bars for the LandCruiser 70 Series Classic VDJs and LC70 2024 (Facelift) vehicles.

We don't have any plans to make bars for other makes and models at this stage, nor do we make one-offs for individual customers; unfortunately, the research and development cost for creating and crash testing a new bull bar renders one-offs prohibitively expensive. (We do not make bars for HDJ/HZJ 75s.) We briefly made bars for the HDJ/HZJ 79s, but we have now discontinued these bars.

What are your lead times?


We build our products to order and our build queue fluctuates. As of 25 March 2024, our build queue is 10–14 weeks from date of deposit to dispatch/fitting.

Do you sell winches?

We stock Runva 13XP Premium Synthetic Winches; you can add one to your order for $1,125.00 (including GST). If you'd rather source your own winch, our bars are compatible with 12,000 LB synthetic winches. If you are coming in to have your bar fitted by us, bring your winch with you on the day! We'll bolt the winch motor in. We do not do any wiring as we don't have an autosparky on site, so you'll need to sort that out.

Do you sell side steps with the Bumper?

No, we don't — we only sell side rails in our bull bar packages. We have in the past manufactured side steps and sold them with bumpers, and there are some photos kicking around online, but we don't make them anymore.

What are birdcutters?

Birdcutters are an optional extra we can include on our Radar Apocalypse and Radar Intimidator Bull Bars. Birdcutters are the vertical bars between the outer uprights of the bull bar; their purpose is for spotlight protection (or extra protection in general if you’re not running spotlights). Visit our birdcutters page for examples of bars with and without birdcutters.

My bar has been shipped to me. How do I fit it?

You can download our fitting instructions from our website here. 

Are your bars ADR compliant?

All of our bars compliant with the Australian Standard AS 4876.1-2002, and have been crash tested to ensure that they don’t affect compliance with ADR69/00 (Full Frontal Impact Occupant Protection), i.e. airbag compliance.

Can I buy a bash plate on its own?

No, we don't sell the bash plates by themselves. As far as we know, they're only compatible with our bull bars.

Do any other companies sell ATD bull bars?

Yes! We have some great resellers around the country who you can order from directly. You can find their contact details on our Distributors page.

What powder coating options do you offer?

You can browse our powder coating options on our website here. Please note: These are our options if you are ordering directly from ATD Customs. If you're ordering from a reseller, they will facilitate the coating process, and you will have to confirm what colours they have available.

What 2 Pack options do you offer?

Our standard 2 Pack colours are as follows:

  • 1DF Silver

  • 1F7 Silver

  • Merlot

  • 1G3 Graphite

  • Sandy Taupe.

However, if you want another colour, we can probably do it — please send us an email with your preferred colour and we'll check with our painter. (We won't 2 Pack black colours or 058 White.)

2 Pack finish comes with a surcharge that differs based on the product and colour. Please fill our our quote request form for a quote. 

How much does freight cost?

Freight cost varies depending on where you're based. If you fill out our quote request form and add your freight address, we'll get you a freight quote by the close of the next business day.

Shipping a bull bar can be a massive expense, especially if you are also ordering rails. Each of our side rails comes in one long piece without a join, which is great for strength and style, but it also means that they need to be packed on a custom 3.4-metre-long pallet. If you think you can get a better deal on freight through your own channels and local connections, we are very happy to work with you on that; get in touch with us and we can provide you with freight dimensions and our pick up address and we can pack the order and have it ready to be collected by your choice of freight vendor.

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