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What are birdcutters?

When ordering an ATD Radar Intimidator or Radar Apocalypse Bull Bar (or their pre-radar predecessors), you will need to choose to include or exclude birdcutters. (Note: There is no difference in the price.)

But what on earth are birdcutters?

Birdcutters are the vertical bars between the outer uprights of the bull bar (see the orange markup on the photos below); their purpose is for spotlight protection (or extra protection in general if you’re not running spotlights). We have had these tested and they do not impact the functionality of the Pre-Collision Safety System radar in the front grille. 

Radar Intimidator_WITH birdcutters_04.jpeg
Radar Intimidator_WITH birdcutters_03_ed

If you're undecided, browse the photo galleries below of Radar Apocalypse and Radar Intimidator bars (and standard Apocalypse and Intimidator bars) with and without birdcutters.

Bars WITH birdcutters:

Bars WITHOUT birdcutters:

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