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Autonomous Emergency Braking

All new spec 70 series Cruisers built from 1 September 2022 have a new safety feature, Autonomous Emergency Braking (also called Pre-Collision Safety System, or "PCS system"). Along with a camera on the windscreen, there is a radar for the PCS system in the Toyota badge in the grille at the front of the vehicle.

Toyota has introduced this feature to comply with 
ADR 98—Advanced Emergency Braking for Passenger Vehicles and Light Goods Vehicles.

Because of this radar, any bull bar — of any brand — with a middle post will be incompatible with these new spec vehicles.

In response to this new tech upgrade, ATD has developed "radar" versions of the Apocalypse Bull Bar and Intimidator Bull Bars, without a centre post; these bars have been tested and confirmed compatible with the new spec Cruisers and do not impact the functioning of this safety feature. We have named them the
Radar Apocalypse Bull Bar and Radar Intimidator Bull Bar. Our classic 2 Post Bull Bar and Bumper Bar are both still compatible with the new spec Cruisers.

While we will still be manufacturing our 3 Post Bull Bar and classic Apocalypse and Intimidator Bull Bars for customers with older Cruisers, these styles of bar are not compatible with new spec cruisers with Autonomous Emergency Braking.

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