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If you fill out this form we'll get a formal quote emailed to you by the following business day. If you would like to proceed with the order, you can then pay us a deposit and we'll add you to the build queue! 


  • We also have some great resellers around Australia who may be closer to you – have you visited our Distributors page?

  • Ordering a Bumper Bar and not sure what a stainless steel fairlead backing plate is? Visit our Backing plate page. 

  • Ordering an Apocalypse or Intimidator Bull Bar and not sure what birdcutters are? Check out our Birdcutters page.

  • Unsure what colour to order? Visit our Powder coating options page.

  • Want to order a bar for an HDJ or HZJ 79? Sorry, these have been discontinued.

  • We can't fit bull bars with middle posts to Cruisers built after 1 September 2022 (including all Facelift cruisers). To read more about why, visit our Autonomous Emergency Braking page.

Quote request form

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Thanks for submitting! We will email you a formal quote document within the next few days.

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