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Freight terms

ATD Customs ships Australia-wide. We have worked hard to fine-tune and standardise our packing process so that your product is well protected on the journey  but damage in freight can occur. As a result, and to ensure we can fix any damage that has occurred in transit at no charge to you, please follow these instructions immediately upon receipt of your bull bar and notify us of any damage within 24 hours of delivery

1. Inspect for visible damage

Immediately upon delivery, please examine your package for any visible damage. Look for signs of mishandling such as dents, tears or punctures in the packaging. If you find any visible damage, document it with clear photographs and detailed descriptions.


2. Check for concealed damage on the same day you receive the product

Even if the outer packaging appears undamaged, carefully unwrap or remove any internal packaging, such as blankets or bubble wrap, to check for hidden or concealed damage. Pay close attention to edges, corners and mounting points.


3. Report any damage

If you find any damage — whether visible or concealed — email us at within 24 hours of delivery. Include the following information in your report:

  • A description of the damage.

  • Photos showing the damage, including the outer and inner packaging.

  • Your order number and contact information.


4. Repair and replacement

If you report damage within 24 hours of delivery, ATD Customs (in partnership with the freight company) will cover the cost of repairs or replacement at no charge to you. If damage is reported after 24 hours, repair or replacement costs will be the responsibility of the customer.


5. Need assistance?

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact us at:


Thank you!

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