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(Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79/78/76)



  • 4mm steel bumper

  • 2x 3mm fully welded, boxed-in posts

  • 60.3mm OD 3.8mm WT pipe

  • 2x recessed and supplied STEDI STK3 11.5” light bars

  • 2x LED Autolamps 12V sequential indicators cut in behind bumper for protection (with your choice of clear off or orange off)

  • Stainless steel panels behind ATD logo on each wing

  • Airbag compliant

  • Winch compatible

  • 6x aerial mounts: 3 on each side

  • 2x spotlight mounts (9” spotlight compatible)

  • Optional: bird cutters (vertical bars between the two boxed-in posts for spotlight protection; visit our bird cutters page for more info)



  • Twin-tube radiator guard (bash plate)

  • 10 bolts mounting to chassis

  • Powder-coated in Satin Black, Sandy Taupe or 058 White

  • (Click here for images)


  • Twin 50mm rails

  • Secondary rail mounts to radius arm chassis boss

  • 2x LED Autolamps 12V indicators mounted in each side rail (with your choice of clear off or orange off)

  • 316 stainless steel step tread underlay

  • 316 stainless steel step tread overlay with grip tape applied (customisable with cut out featuring text of your choice; most popular choices include company name, nickname, build name or property name)

  • (Click here for images)



  • Fitting is included if the vehicle is brought to ATD Customs in Crows Nest, QLD; alternatively, the fitting time is spent packaging items ready for freight to you

  • If freight is required, additional charge is calculated upon order

  • Winch is not included in the below price but must be fitted to the bar prior to the bar's installation

  • Fitting time is approximately 2 hours


  • Freight cost is in addition to product cost. Please enter your delivery address details on our quote request page to price up freight.

  • Please note: Customers are responsible for checking for any visible or concealed freight damage and notifying ATD within 24 hours of receipt. Please see our Freight terms page for full terms and instructions on checking for damage.

PRICE (including GST):

$7,557.00 (bar and bash plate only)

$11,372.00 (bar, bash plate and side rails)


  • Front number plate to be slimline version

  • Winch and two main spotlights not included in above price

  • Wiring not included in the above price

  • 2x Bumper light bars must be wired for activation with high beam only

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