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(LC70 2024/"Facelift")



  • 4mm steel bumper

  • 2x 3mm fully welded, boxed-in posts

  • 60.3mm OD 3.8mm WT pipe

  • 2x recessed and supplied STEDI STK3 11.5” light bars

  • 2x LED Autolamps 12V sequential indicators cut in behind bumper for protection (choice of clear off or orange off)

  • Stainless steel panels behind ATD logo on each wing

  • Airbag compliant

  • 3x aerial mounts (1 on driver side, 2 on passenger side)

  • Optional: bird cutters (vertical bars between the two boxed-in posts for spotlight protection; visit our Bird cutters page for more info)



  • Twin-tube radiator guard (bash plate) with recovery points

  • 10 bolts mounting to chassis

  • Powder-coated in Satin Black, Sandy Taupe or 058 White

  • (Click here for images)


  • Twin 50mm rails

  • Secondary rail mounts to radius arm chassis boss

  • 2x LED Autolamps 12V indicators mounted in each side rail (choice of clear off or orange off)

  • 316 stainless steel step tread underlay

  • 316 stainless steel step tread overlay with grip tape applied (customisable with cut out featuring text of your choice; most popular choices include LANDCRUISER, your company name, nickname, build name or property name)

  • (Click here for images)


  • Powder coating included (click here to browse the various colour options available); please note that if 2-pack paint is preferred, this incurs an additional cost

  • If you want a powder coat colour not listed on our webpage above, let us know; we can organise this for an additional charge

  • All bolts are 304 stainless steel except mounting hardware


  • Fitting is included if the vehicle is brought to ATD Customs in Crows Nest, QLD; alternatively, the fitting time is spent packaging items ready for freight to you

  • If freight is required, the additional charge is calculated upon order

  • Winch is not included in the below price but must be fitted to the bar prior to the bar's installation

  • Fitting time is approximately 2 hours

PRICE (including GST):

$7,230.00 (bar and bash plate only)

$11,045.00 (bar, bash plate and side rails)


  • Front number plate to be slimline version

  • Winch and two main spotlights not included in above price

  • Wiring not included in the above price

  • 2x Bumper light bars must be wired for activation with high beam only

Radar Intimidator Bull Bar.png
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